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There are over 10,000 flavors!

Try to taste them all!

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Over 30 Flavors!

Combining our best flavors with our patented all-naturally flavored powdered sugars!

Over 70 Desserts!

Donuts, Jello, Macaroons, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Coffees, Gummy-Cats, and more!

Over 70 Toppings!

Cookie Crumbles, Strawberries, Blueberries, Mini-Macaroons, Chocolate, and much more!
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Try to taste them all!

Burukatz are the last product from Buruka, a collection of delicious dessert katz.

They come in many flavors! Our flavor scientists have managed to come up with 10,000 combinations, every one of them completely unique!

Every Burukat consists of a mixture of a base layer of flavor, some come with our patented powdered sugar and some don't, then main dessert that sometimes is accompanied with one topping.

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By Buruka

Burukatz is our latest product to continue or mission of making the world a sweeter place!

If you want to learn more about us, our mission and our products, feel free to get in touch! We are always ready to do business!

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